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Letters From My Guitar Students: Tommy

"Jay Skyler is the Best Guitar Teacher Around. Period."

"Jay Skyler is the best guitar teacher around. Period. Wherever you are in your guitar-playing journey, Jay can make you better than you ever thought you'd be."

"After working with a couple of other teachers over the years and getting nowhere, I thought lessons weren't for me - that is, until I came across Jay. Now I'm playing a trillion times better and with tons more confidence.

"And the progress I'm making has made me love the guitar even more. He not only teaches you the flash, but he also teaches you how to get the feel. He encourages improvisation and creativity so that you can find your own style. There's no way I could have gotten to where I am now (and I'm still learning) if it weren't for Jay.

"His lessons are so much more than just scales, theory and technique. Yes, you'll get all that taught to you in a fun and easily-understandable manner, but as a veteran, working musician, Jay teaches you everything that a guitar player should know. From repair and maintenance, the right amp to buy, all the way down to pedals, picks and straps, they guy teaches you all the little things the by-the-numbers guys never even touch.

"Not only is he one helluva teacher, he's a super bad-ass player. If you can catch one of his gigs, make sure you see for yourself how talented this guy is. And the beauty of Rock Star Jay is that he's more than willing to share the wealth of knowledge he's picked up over the years. A true musician's musician.

"Point-blank, he's the best teacher in town - and the most affordable. Not often you see that combination, huh? If you're serious about wanting to play, call the man. You'll be glad you did. I sure as hell am."

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