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Letters from Students: Jenner

"Best Guitar teacher in the Bay!"

 "After deciding at last to pursue my life long dream of being a rock star, I sadly came to realize that playing the guitar is... really kinda hard.

"BUT I decided to stick with it.

''So I went to a couple people who offered guitar lessons on craigslist, hoping they'd show me some chops, but all I got shown was some attitude. OF COURSE you're better than me dude! That's why I'm here to learn!

"SO, insecure, and at this point driven purely by spite, I was relived to finally find somebody who had the skills and the patience to teach me to rock without making me feel like some silly girl trying to pick out Stairway to Heaven.

"Jay Skyler is a wonderful teacher. He had me felling totally comfortable playing guitar in a few weeks, and never made me feel like a noob.

"Anybody who wants to learn to play should give him a call."

- Jenner

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