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Guitar Lesson Policies

Payment Methods:

Cash is the preferred payment method for students paying weekly or monthly. Its a question of perceived value. Although it make more sense from a business and convenience perspective to take monthly credit card payments, if you have to physically hand over cash you will take lessons more seriously and be a better musician in a shorter amount of time.

Gift Certificates: I can accept credit card payments for Gift Certificates through PayPal. For maximum security, I send a custom invoice for each order (and so I cover the transaction fee). I am also happy to meet you in person in downtown San Francisco or Soma.

I can also accept checks, but I have had a couple of bad experiences depositing checks directly into my own account, and banks are currently charging a flat fee of $10 - $15 to cash checks at their own branches. But if this is the only feasible option I can accept them for gift certificate payments.


Prepaid Plans:

Discounts are available for prepaying lessons in monthly plans.

If your time slot has 5 weeks in a month, the fifth week is free.(This will usually happen every three months). And you have until the end of the calendar month to reschedule any missed classes (instructor time permitting), not the end of the week like most music schools.

If you are starting in the middle of a month we can set the month to begin at the date of first payment. For example if you paid on the third Thursday in June, you pay again on the third Thursday in July.

There is no penalty for rescheduling within the month, but any lessons unused at the end of the month are lost. It is very rare for a student to reach the end of a month without having made up all their lessons.



I do not publish rates online as they tend to get spidered and cached on other sites and search engines, and pop up years later when they may no longer be accurate. Please contact me for current rates and availability. There are no free "trial" or "introductory" lessons under any circumstances.


Assignment of Time slots:

If you need to switch your weekly lesson time let me know as soon as possible. If two students request the same time slot, the slot is assigned based on seniority.

I do not book time slots for a first lesson more than 8 days in advance.


Books and Materials:

You are required to bring blank fretboard diagrams to all guitar classes. These can be printed off the web site or you may purchase a book of them. You are also responsible for bringing your own guitar picks, a spare set of strings, and a pen. You may play one of my guitars if you cannot bring your own. You will progress faster on your own instrument, however and should bring it if possible.


Registration and Administrative Fees:

There are no registration, membership, or administrative fees.


Lesson Expiration and Refund Policy:

Guitar Lessons expire at the end of the month (as defined above) There will be no refunds for unused lessons under any circumstances, as you are welcome to pay lesson by lesson.


Gift Certificates NEVER expire. I will honor them even if you have lost the printed paper certificate or PDF. The certificate has no value it's just to make the gift look nicer. Lessons can be staggered or spaced without restriction instructor time permitting.


Canceling Classes:

Weekly students canceling last minute may reschedule to any other slot that week I have open, with no penalty. If you keep missing weeks, I will simply give your slot to someone else.

Monthly students have until the end of the calendar month or will lose prepaid lessons.

I cannot always guarantee a suitable replacement lesson time especially on short notice! But I will always make every attempt and am almost always able to figure something out with students.


Privacy Policy:

Personal information will not be shared, sold or rented with any other organization.


Guest Policy

All students are welcome to bring along a guest if it makes them feel more comfortable or they are driving the student home, etc. My studio is rather large (384 Square Feet) and there are couches for guests to sit on. There's no shortage of reading material, however, its all on music theory and guitar technique, so I'd recommend bringing something to read.

Additional guitar students during a lesson time (meaning they are playing a guitar and participating in the primary students lesson) will be charged a $20 flat fee for the hour on top of the students normal rate.

There is obviously no charge for guests relaxing on the couch waiting to drive you home, etc.


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