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Letters from My Guitar Students: Jaime

One of my students Jaime recently moved back to Spain to get married. I'd like to wish him and his new wife the best of luck.

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"Hi Jay!

"Last Saturday was my wedding!!

"It was nice and funny, but one of the best parts was the concert. I went to the stage and I played "Little Wing," "Thank you" by Led Zeppelin", and after a break, "Dreams" from The Allman Brothers. Was so nice and funny, all my family and friends screaming and dancing... OOoaaaooo! I want to play again for other people!! I think I have to search a band to play in!

"So thank you so much for teaching me during last year in San Francisco. For me this was unforgettable! I never thought that I can play as now (and I still have to learn a lot..)

"Good luck with everything, and if someday you have to come to Spain, you will have a friend."


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