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Letters from Students: Patrice

"The Best Teacher!"

"Jay taught me everything I know on the guitar. I started from absolute beginner and he took me to the level where I am now. He is a real musician who understands what he is doing on the guitar and why.

"He will teach you the music theory in a fun way since every concept is directly demonstrated on the instrument.

" The result?

" Now, the different concepts are attached to a sound and a hand movement in my head. He has developed his own method of teaching the guitar and he will help you with positioning your hands correctly, thus developing good habits right from day one.

" He will also encourage you to improvise and write your own stuff right from the start. At first, it sounds crazy (how can a beginner improvise or write songs?) but after a while, it makes complete sense. This allows the student to develop a lot of confidence with the instrument, especially if you have spent hours (like me) at home messing around in a given key, developing your own touch, your own licks on the instrument.

"Jay is a great guy, he even taught me how to use different pedals correctly, how to rebuild my busted cables, how to set up an amp, how to set up a cabinet and other things...

"If you are serious about learning the guitar, Jay is the one!"


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