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This applies to the website that can be reached via the URLs www.JaySkyler.com, www.JaySkyler-GuitarLessons-SanFrancisco.com, and www.SanFrancisco-GuitarLessons.com. Regardless to the link you clicked or URL you typed, your address bar should now read http://www.jayskyler.com/privacy-policy.html

If it does not you may be veiwing this page in a frame on another website or in cached version such as one most search engines provide on request. In which case you should copy and paste the above address into your address bar to ensure you are viewing an up to date version of this page, and that you are actually on the website this document refers to.

  • I take privacy very seriously. There are many companies that any site must use at least some of for its infrastructure. Many of those companies can possibly access cookies on your browser. I have informed all the ones used for this site that I do not want any information this may yield shared with anyone under any circumstances.
  • What if they lie? For any website you visit, there always exists the possibility that any company involved in displaying you that webpage may violate or find loopholes in the laws governing e-commerce and e-privacy to bypass the terms of service agreed to by individual websites.
  • I have done extensive research to select only the web infrastructure providers that have impeccable reputations. But the only real guarantee that a cookie won't be used to track you is for it to not exist in the first place. So I developed a solution:
  • I have spent a great deal of time constructing the website so that cookies are not required for users to access any and all educational materials on the site. This took a surprising amount of work but now it is done. Users with any concerns at all about privacy are encouraged to set their browsers to block all cookies from this website.
  • I do not share any personal information related to this website or its visitors in any way. 
  • All information sent via email in regards to guitar lessons or any other topic is kept confidential. The website is actually bypassed when sending email via contact form or link. Every page includes a standard @ email link if the user prefers.
  • There are at least 2 cookies set when visiting the site. One is a session cookie that is part of the default behavior of the scripting language the website is written in. It is unnecessary for the user functions of this website, preventing the site from setting it, however, makes it impossible for me to log into the site for administrative functions.
  • The other cookie _cfuid, is set by the content delivery network that provides browser integrity checks to help protect site vistors from phishing and cross site scripting attacks. It suposedly marks you as having passed the security checks, and allows you to visit the site even if you are connecting from an I.P. address they have blacklisted (a public coffee house for example). Since I did not set this cookie, I have no knowledge whether or not this cookie is used by any party for any other purpose.
  • Any other cookies are set by Google Analytics. I have disabled all sharing of data anonymous or otherwise in the analytics control panel. I do not personally share any of this data. If you have any concerns simply block all cookies from this site.
  • Furthermore, this website contains no ads and no affiliate links, and sets no third party cookies outside of those mentioned above. 
  • Once again, if you have any doubts, please block all cookies from this website.
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